Voices of Excellence’s Walk to End Liver Disease


On Saturday, October 22nd, Springfield Township’s Voices of Excellence and Pep-Band participated in an annual Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) walk, which took place at Wissahickon High School. This walk, started by Shawna Coles, was created to raise awareness for this disease unknown to many people. 

Coles herself was not educated about this disease until she was diagnosed 12 years ago. “Since my diagnosis, I’ve learned to embrace a happy and healthy lifestyle,” says Coles. “People think it’s something that only happens to alcoholics and drug abusers, but it can happen to anyone—even children. It’s terrifying, suddenly being given this news, getting tests done and blood drawn, all while not knowing what’s happening to your body—or what’s going to happen to your body.” According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, NAFLD is “one of the most common diseases in the United States,” and yet if one were to ask someone they know about NAFLD, chances are they wouldn’t know much about it. 

But on this day, dozens came together as a community with participants from Springfield, Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, the Plymouth Whitemarsh community, the Wissahickon community, and Coles’ family and friends. With its outstanding turnout, Coles was able to raise $4,500 to be donated to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Liver Center. 

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia came to Springfield to award a $2,700 check and several appreciation certificates to Springfield’s Voices of Excellence, National Honors Society, Pep-Band, and Tri-M in recognition for their work done to help raise money and awareness for Livers Disease. Together, we exemplify a community rallying together to cause change. 

Watch Candace Harrison’s PSA on NAFLD


VOE’s Association with PW Highschool

On Friday, December 9th, VOE visited Plymouth Whitemarsh High School to meet with its Black Cultural Awareness Club to discuss a potential future collaboration between the two clubs. VOE has collaborated with several schools before, such as William Tennent High School and Wissahickon High School, and hopes to establish a stronger collaboration with Plymouth Whitemarsh High School in the future. VOE expects to utilize the resources, ambition, and leadership skills of both schools to organize joint events. A Step-Team and Showcase cooperation are currently in the works! If you enjoy attending VOE’s Annual Showcases or cheering on the Step-team at basketball games, stay tuned for this exciting collaboration!