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Spartan on the Block: Election Day

Spartan on the Block: Election Day

Last month marked one year until the presidential elections in 2024 and the first time that many STHS students could vote. Up for election were state officials, including representatives and senators, and local officials like school board members and commissioners. At such an important time in our country, we felt it important to talk to students at the high school to gauge their opinions about voting and other democratic procedures. 


Maura Solomon

Did you vote in November? 

No, I’m not over the age of 18.

Do you still think that voting is important? 

Yes, because voting for somebody who has the same opinions as me is indirectly voicing my opinions for the community, state, or country.

Do you think that voting is the best way to get your voice heard, and are there other ways to get your voice heard?

Voting is a good way to have your voice heard, but not the best. While voting for someone who has the same views as you helps project your views, it’s indirectly voicing them, which means your voice won’t entirely be heard. Other ways for people to hear your voice can be by promoting things on social media or promoting your voice in school. 


Luke Winski

Who is the first person you think of when you think of a politician?

Joe Biden. He’s the president.

If given the opportunity, would you have voted for him?

Yeah, I think I would have voted for him when it came down to him and Trump, I would have voted for Biden probably. In that case, I think he was the lesser of the two evils and the better candidate. The more qualified candidate.

Did you vote this past election day?

No, I have not voted. I could have voted for the school board in this past election, but I registered too late. You have to register to vote 15 days before the election, and I did not do that, so I could not vote. But I will vote in the next one.

Do you think voting is important? Why?

Yeah, voting is important because there are so many governments around the world where the people do not have a voice and do not have a say in what happens. Often, people who don’t vote take for granted that ability that we have. And, I think it’s important to do your research before you vote and pick who you think is the best, and not just vote, like, based on the party line, and based on your family and who other people want to vote–you should make your own decision. I think it’s very important.

What are other ways to make sure your voice is heard?

You can use different groups, like interest groups, to rally support for certain causes, like environmental causes. Whatever cause you want to rally support for, there’s probably a group for it. Lobbying and connecting with individuals in the office are other ways you can get your voice heard.

Anything else you want to add?

Register to vote, and yeah, do your research.


Penny Kline

First-person you think of when you think of a politician? 

Sonia Sotomayor. I think she’s a great person in the Supreme Court as she was the first woman and Hispanic to serve. I look up to her a lot for that as a woman myself. 

If given the opportunity, would you have voted for this person? 

Yes, absolutely. I have similar political views, and I think she will allow my voice to be heard. 

Are you voting in November, or did you vote in November? Why or why not? 

No, because I’m 16- 15, I’m only 15.  I almost forgot my age!

Do you think voting is important? Why or why not?

Yes, because it decides the future of our country and how your life will be. So- like, it’s kind of important. 

Is voting the best way to feel heard? Why or why not? Are there other ways to make your voice feel heard? 

I would say it’s one of the more important things because if you vote for someone who will share your voice with the rest of the world, you will be heard. Or rather, if you don’t vote and are someone who won’t share your voice, then you’re not going to be heard. No one will hear you; it just won’t go very well. There are other ways, but they are just not as effective. 

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