Spartan Spotlight: Will Horn

Will Horn wrestles against Hatboro Horsham. Picture by Anna Wojeck.

Will Horn, a senior, seasoned varsity wrestler, has a known reputation for being a diligent and strong student-athlete. Finishing the season with a 32-6 record, Will demonstrated some of the best qualities of a student-athlete. To balance sports and school work, Will keeps himself on a “strict routine of practice from 3-5, and homework from 7-10.” With this structure built, Will maintains a clear and positive mind for wrestling and school. 

When it comes to matches, Will “tr[ies] to stay relaxed but focused. [He] focuses on what [he] is going to do in the match but still stays relaxed and loose.” Will’s “ultimate goal is to go out and let it fly because if [he] does that, [he] will be happy no matter the result.” This mentality led to his successful season.

Will’s positivity and hard work are seen both by the team and Coach McCaslin. He thrived as a team captain and kept all wrestlers on point and bonded together. The support Will gave to the other wrestlers played a big role in pushing them to try their hardest. This is one of the most impressive things the coaches observed.

Coach McCaslin sees Will as a “very good, very consistent, very reliable, intense and focused, and a real team leader.” Coach has observed that Will leads by example and is viewed as a role model. This could also be due to how Will is an “excellent student” who’s “focused on his goals” and “willing to work very hard to achieve those goals.” Coach McCaslin’s proudest moment with Will was “how he was able to step up and push the team.” All of Will’s accomplishments show the true qualities of a strong Springfield student-athlete.

With Will being heavily “involved in the school community as the president of YAG. and a very successful multi-sport athlete,” he undoubtedly deserves this issue’s Spartan Spotlight. His legacy will be remembered through the wrestling team even after Will has left for college.