AP Mock Exams

AP Mock Exams

AP exam season is quickly approaching, and this year Springfield students will be more prepared than ever thanks to our new mock examinations plan. Starting the week before spring break, some AP teachers have opted to have their students sit for a full mock examination to prepare them for the real exams in May. 

One such teacher, Mr. Taylor, who teaches AP United States History, as well as AP United States Government and Politics, feels that these mock exams “give students the real world feeling of taking the test.” This is especially important as “this generation of kids who haven’t had the opportunity to gain standardized test experience due to Covid” can benefit from experiencing the “cognitive, physical, and emotional stamina” that comes with taking the real exam but without the stakes that come with the real exams. 

AP exam veterans and students who have never sat for these exams alike feel that these mock exams will be beneficial to their success on the real exams in May. Senior Ashley Jenkins feels “more optimistic” and “motivated to study” now that she has taken her AP Calculus and AP U.S. Government mock exams. Sophomore Paul Silvius “felt rushed” while completing his mock exams but can now work on “pacing himself for the real exam.” Having the chance to see the format of the exam and sit through the time constraints helped students relieve some test-related anxiety and stress. 

Tips from an AP Student

Mollie Young and Willa Burns wish all AP students luck.

As a fellow student, I know that AP exam season can be stressful, but it’s important that you continue to take care of yourself, physically and mentally, if you wish to be successful. While staying up all night cramming and studying the day before an exam may seem like the only way you will remember everything you need to know, this may be the worst possible thing you can do for yourself! For one, you need to be well-rested to be awake and focused as you take the exam, so don’t sacrifice sleep to study. But more importantly, remember that you have spent all year preparing; that information is all in your head; trust yourself!

We place so much pressure on ourselves to pass these exams, but getting a 5 on an AP test is not worth throwing yourself into a frenzy of stress and anxiety. I know exactly how you feel. Last year as a junior, I was so worried that if I didn’t pass all of my exams, I wouldn’t get into college or that my teachers wouldn’t think highly of me. Now as a senior, I’m going to school in Europe, where they don’t give students credit for AP exams. I have finally realized that my scores on standardized tests, similar to my grades in school, do not reflect who I am as a person or even how ‘smart’ I am. We are all smart, capable, and kind people regardless of whatever score you earn on this one exam. Take a deep breath; you’ve got this! 

I asked some AP exam veterans what their best advice would be for students taking their first exam(s) this year:

Celia Wright and Rena Perry smile after mock exams.

“It isn’t as serious as you may make it out to be, don’t stress yourself out!” – Rena Perry, Class of 2023


“Make sure while you take the test that you take deep breaths and understand that you have prepared as much as you can; its out of your hands now, and that’s okay!” – Willa Burns, Class of 2023 


“Don’t just memorize information; conceptualize it so that you are ready if the exam questions throw a curveball at you.” – Gabby Greene, Class of 2023


“Get a review book to go over concepts you might not go over in class” – Brady Welsh, Class of 2023 


“Don’t wait to study until the last day. Make sure to spread out your studying over a longer period of time to make sure you digest all the information.” – Celia Wright, Class of 2023 

All pictures provided by Chronicle Staff.