Spartan Spotlight: Dylan McKenzie

Dylan McKenzie (2023) is a successful point guard basketball player for Springfield Township’s Basketball team. In this past season, Dylan has made powerful strides toward greatness. However, all student-athletes know balancing academics with athletics can be a big challenge. Dylan’s “mindset is to usually focus on what he has to do in the classroom first to get that all out of the way, then he can relax and focus on his sport.” This is beneficial to Dylan because “it makes it easier for him to get all the stress out of the way from school to transition to what he does on the court.” A balance of school and work like Dylan’s is a great approach that all student-athletes should attempt. 

Part of Dylan’s love for the basketball team is “how much the teammates get along and know each other so well. It makes the fun times great.” Springfield’s basketball team is a great example of effective etiquette when it comes to teamwork and selflessness.

Dylan McKenzie in the classroom. (Chronicle Staff)

Dylan’s teammate Aiden Hood, a shooting guard, speaks very highly of Dylan McKenzie. Aiden refers to him as a “super cool guy” who is “really good at basketball. He’s super kind and always looking out for others.” In addition to Aidan, the whole team respects and loves Dylan. 

When it’s time for Dylan to lock into practice or a game, he has the mentality of just having fun. He sees practice and games as “no reason to be thinking about a bunch of different things at once when you can just relax and play.” Dylan’s ease of mind during basketball contributes to his confidence and success on the court. 

Dylan ultimately deserves the Spartan spotlight this season because of his consistent hard work, success, and love from his teammates and the school.