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Spartan on the Block: Homecoming Edition

Isaac Darga: 

Taken by Anya Geynisman, Class of 2026.

Halloween is coming! What is your favorite candy to get or give, and why? 

I LOVE! mmm actually, what do I like? 

What do you like? 

I love peanut butter. 

Reese’s Peanut Butters?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are so good, Kit-Kats, oooh I like Jolly Ranchers for sure, yeah those are really good

Ok, What was your favorite costume for Halloween? What do you remember about it? 

Hmmm, well, my favorite one was probably… I was a gnome, oh no a Hawaiian man, that’s like my lazy 8th grader outfit when I still dressed up for it, which I don’t think I’m going to do this year. What I really liked about it is that it was not a lot of effort, like not too much effort but also some effort, but it was really nice, and I really liked it and it reminds me of Halloween. 

That’s awesome! Eagles or Phillies or both? What’s your favorite Philly sporting event memory?

Eagles. I’m not really a baseball like…yeah. Football is a lot more fun to watch. 

Your favorite Philly sporting event memory?

Uh, I’ve only been to one Phillies game. It was good, I was like eight.

That’s great!

I got hotdogs! The energy was really there, you know? Phillies spirit. Phillies spirit! 


Ari Schwartzman:

Halloween is coming! What is your favorite candy to get or give, and why?

I like fruit snacks because I’ve always liked gummies but I never really liked how sugary the gummy bears were. I just really like the texture of fruit snacks and I like how they each have a more distinct flavor. 

What was your favorite costume for Halloween and what do you remember about it?

Favorite costume was probably…I was a pie. 

I remember that!

I was a pie! I made it myself. It took me like a month. I drew all the lines. I was very mathematical about it as well. Big nerd thing. And then the day of Caden Bronson came up to me and he was like, “Hey I’m going to be whipped cream and we’re going to enter the costume contest together. And we ended up placing. 

Side Interviewer: I’m proud of you.

Eagles or Phillies or both? What is your favorite Philly sporting event memory? 

I remember my first Phillies game with my father and my grandfather. We were sitting in the wrong section so we had people all around us rooting for the opposite team, wrong team. That was my favorite memory.

And are you Phillies or Eagles?

I follow the Phillies more, but I enjoy watching the Eagles more. 

Me too. 


Sarah Herczeg: 

Who are we here with? 

My name is Sarah Herczeg, and I’m a senior!

Halloween is coming up, what’s your favorite candy? 

Peanut butter cups!


I just really like chocolate and peanut butter.

Too real. Do you like the Eagles or the Phillies more? 

Phillies! I played softball growing up, so I like watching baseball more than football. 

What’s your favorite Halloween costume? 

My favorite Halloween costume? Um, I was like this really, I don’t even know what it was, but I was like this diva with my sister. 

Thank you so much!


Marin Logan:

Halloween is coming! What is your favorite candy to get or give, and why? 

Reese’s because they’re amazing. I like peanut butter. 

Do you like to get them or give them?

Get them. I don’t like giving away Reese’s.

What has been your favorite costume for Halloween? 

It’s a hard one. I think my favorite one was probably when I was a Teletubby with my friends. 

What do you remember about that?

I had a horrible experience walking around.

Eagles or Phillies? Both? What is your favorite Philly sporting event memory?

How a karen yelled at me when I was trying to watch a soccer game and threatened to slap me. 

Are you Eagles or Phillies?

Eagles all the way.


Ahmad Baig: 

What’s your favorite candy to get or give, and why?

I don’t like giving the treats, I like tricking them. I remember I had a full body paint I used to wear, and I would wait at the door and I would completely blend in and as soon as they rang the doorbell, I would come outside the wall and scream at them.

What was your favorite costume for Halloween, and what do you remember about it?

I remember one time I was Darth Vader, but I had a blue lightsaber because my parents didn’t want to spend money on a red one. We also went on a march around the school which was pretty fun, but I don’t know why it was in the daytime though; it’s not spooky. 

Eagles or Phillies? What is your favorite sporting event memory?

I don’t really watch that stuff, but I watch basketball sometimes, and I play sports from time to time.


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