Relay for Life: Running for a Good Cause


Relay for Life, a fundraising project of the American Cancer Society, has recently taken root in Springfield. Its mission is to spread positivity and awareness while raising money for a deserving cause. To raise funds, Springfield Township High School members have participated in achieving this mission by hosting bake sales, car washes, and raffles.

Relay for Life – The Club

Mrs. Walsh wants this club to contribute to the school and community at large. Most would agree it already has. Mrs. Walsh explains that it has taught students the value of giving back to their community and raised awareness for pediatric cancer.

In terms of the future of this club, members hope for it to grow. During Covid, it was challenging to coordinate meetings and keep the club running. Now that school has been in-person for nearly two years, it is regaining membership. Mrs. Walsh says that “the club is in rebuild mode” as its members are freshmen and sophomores. With such a young membership, the leaders are hoping that the club can only grow from here. With hopes of expansion among the community, the devoted members give STHS Relay for Life a bright and inspiring future.

This year is Springfield’s first year hosting Relay for Life of the Wissahickon Valley. When asked why, Mrs. Walsh, the advisor of the STHS chapter of Relay for Life, said, “We are such a tight community, and we have been affected by cancer, and specifically pediatric cancer… So they thought it would be a good place to host the event.”

Preparation for the Relay

Ella Walsh, a Relay for Life captain, explains that the club hosted multiple fundraisers to prepare for the Relay, including their dine-and-donate at Enza Pizzeria. 

The captains also went to the middle and elementary schools to give presentations. During these visits, captains encouraged students and their loved ones to participate in the relay. 

The captains, however, aren’t the only people who prepared for this event. The administration and facilities also worked hard to ensure everything went smoothly.

Relay for Life Captains and Participants, courtesy of Audrey Walsh.

About the Relay

Relay for Life took place on Saturday, May 20, from 4 to 10 PM. Participants walked around the STHS track accompanied by entertainment and music. Funds raised from this Relay, and the year-long work of club members, were donated to pediatric cancer research and countless other life-changing necessities for patients.

Before the Relay, participants were able to purchase a luminaria—a lit-up paper bag labeled with the names of loved ones who have experienced cancer—for $10. These bags lined the track during the relay and were part of a the 9:00 pm Luminaria Ceremony.

Relay for Life thanks all of the participants.